The good news is we are not looking for Donations,
and we don’t want You to spend any extra money!

What if We could show you how to get more value, and perhaps save money, on your monthly Bills and help us Feed 1000 Children in the process!? That would be pretty awesome! Wouldn’t it?

Well, that’s what We’re doing Every Month!

Now, when You pay Your Bills, for things you already use like Internet, Phone, Long Distance Calling, and other Services, a Child will get fed!

All You have to do is switch Your Services to our Service Provider.

We’ve Teamed up with ACN, “All Communications Network” and their Partners and Service Providers who will insure a Child Gets A Meal Every Time we get a New Customer! Then Again, Every Month, when You pay Your Bill a Child will Get a Meal! Paying it Forward!

How awesome is that!?

Ready To Pay it Forward when You Pay Your Bills!?

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Internet Services for Home and Business
Phone and Long Distance Services for Home and Business
Security and Automation Services for Home and Business

The Meals are distributed through
Feeding America” and “Food Banks Canada“.

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It’s our pleasure to work with People who share our Vision of Feeding Children. In fact, 3.5 Millions Meals have already been provided through “Project Feeding Kids“. So, we know that by Working with Them will help us we reach our Goal to Feed 1000 Children!