Brian W. Hurlburt

Brian has a strong Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development background in the Retails Sales and Consumables Industry. Specializing in Small and Home Business has always been His forté.

Brian has also helped with a number of Charities and Non-Profit, and Not-For-Profit Groups including being an Honourary Lifetime Founding Member of T.R.E.P.A., a Past Board Member of the CNIB, and many others.

Brian Hurlburt is also a Published Authour, having had a Community Column in the Victoria Standard Newspaper, having His Poem, “Love Beneath The Wave” win the 1994 CBC Cape Breton Radio Poetry Contest, and having His Family History Research published in “People of the Past” connected to St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church and/or Cemetery.

With such a wide and varied, yet acclaimed, background We believe that Brian Hurlburt has the aptitude and ability to successfully carry on and complete His original Goal to

Discovering much Public distrust towards new Non-Profits and Charitable Groups, than traditional Business. Brian decided that overcoming this skepticism may be an ongoing barrier to reaching his goal. So, He decided to find another way to accomplish the Goal to Feed 1000 Children. Through sales and business development. Things He already knew, and was well known for.

Thus Brian decided to seek out opportunities to align with Service Providers who would provide great service, incredible prices, while sharing in His commitment to help feed children.

Then, haunted by the words of His Father, who used to say,
“Hmph! Everywhere there is a poor child, there is a poor Family”.
Brian decided to extend the focus of his goal to not only Feed 1000 Children, but to help provide Families, and Individuals, with ways to earn income while helping him to accomplish a shared goal to Feed 1000 Children.

This has led to what has become today!