It’s our goal to Feed 1000 Children every month, local children, right in Your Area! Would You like to help us accomplish our Goal?

Over 40,000,000 People in Canada and the United States living in Poverty! We want to help change that… one person at a time!

Numbers around child hunger in Canada are staggering... An estimated 1.1 million children face food insecurity across Canada.

It’s sad, it’s challenging, and we want your help to help change it!

Children facing hunger often grow up in a family where a parent or parents also face hunger. ~

Our Founder, Brian Hurlburt says, ‘I can hear my Dad, every time He heard an Ad about Child Poverty, He’d say, “Hmph, everywhere there’s a poor kid, there’s a poor family!”‘

We tend to agree, and we want to help those families too!

So, we want you to know that the opportunity exists for you to work with us, and our Founder, Brian Hurlburt. Click Here to Book an Appointment, or Call Now Toll Free: 877-484-2857