We’re so pleased to announce that we are now seeing our Plan to Feed 1000 Children in action! Kids are Getting Fed!

We made it our Goal to Feed 1000 Children! To be honest, never knowing if we could really make it happen! It is a daunting task for sure!

However, like a Journey of a Thousand Miles, this is our Journey of a Thousand Smiles! To make it happen, we needed to take our first steps! Now We’ve done that! We’re on our way!

Now, perhaps I should explain, in case it’s your first time here, that what We’re doing is working with Internet, Phone, Long Distance, and Home Security and Automation Partners. When we refer Customers to them, or simply have You, and others like You, switch to our Service Providers, a Child gets a Meal! Not just once but every month when our Customers pay their Bill.

So, We now have Customers, people who have switched to our Internet, Phone, and Long Distance Calling, Providers. Which means every month when these Customers pay their bills a Child wil get a Meal! How cool is that!?

Now, as if that’s not reason enough, We’re also helping these Customers save on their Bills! On average, I’d say our Customers are saving about $200-$300 a Year! Some maybe more, others maybe less, but $200-$300 a Year in Average Savings!

Now, let’s think about that for a minute! You’re going to get these Services somewhere. Right?

The Average Canadian Household Spends Over $200.00 a Month on Internet

The costs are somewhat lower in the United States, but one thing we can all be pretty sure of, We’re going to pay these Bills every month to someone! Right?

So, if We can Save You, and others, Money, and Feed 1000 Children in the process…

Isn’t that something You want to be part of?

Of course it is!

Switch to Our Internet, Phone, Long Distance, and Security & Automation Service Providers and You may Save Money, and You will Help Us Reach Our Goal to Feed 1000 Children!

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